Q2Q Changelog


  • Added Operator View, which dipslays a simpler view on the project than Designer View
    • Most useful for show operators who need view-only capabilities on a pre-programmed show
  • Cue sheets can now be exported as CSV files, via File>Export>Cue sheet to CSV
  • Added Windows ASIO device support
  • Added predelays to all trigger types
  • Changed any text listing a channel number to start counting from 1 instead of 0
  • Fixed bugs relating to multi channel devices and cues


  • Added a cue notes field and cue editor next to the trigger editor
  • Added automatic cue naming
  • Created a new project file format with backwards-compatibility in mind
    • Projects created in 0.6.0 will be directly compatible with future versions of Q2Q
  • Auto-scroll the armed cue into view whenever possible
  • Many minor UI tweaks
  • UI performance improvements
  • Fixed cue-track grid scrollbar never going away
  • Fixed sounds not stopping when app closes
  • Fixed an issue where the spacebar would scroll the cue sheet (was not truly fixed in 0.5.1)


  • Fixed toolbar scrolling out of view when working with long cue lists
  • Fixed an issue where the spacebar would scroll the cue sheet


  • Added OSC (Open Sound Control) triggers
    • An OSC trigger sends an OSC message over TCP or UDP to an OSC server
    • An OSC trigger can have an address and a list of arguments, and support most of the supported OSC argument types (strings, ints, floats, booleans, etc)
  • Added OSC API
    • You can now send OSC messages to Q2Q to control it externally from an OSC client
    • Messages that Q2Q will respond to:
      • Methods
        • /cue/index/{index}/... - Accesses the methods of a cue by index (starting from 0)
        • /cue/{name}/... - Accesses the methods of a cue by name
        • /cue/armed/... - Accesses the methods of the currently armed cue
        • /cue/armed_prev/... - Accesses the methods of the cue right before the currently armed one, if applicable
        • /cue/armed_next/... - Accesses the methods of the cue right after the currently armed one, if applicable
        • /panic [] - Stops all cues
      • Cue methods
        • .../go [] - Triggers the cue
        • .../arm [] - Arms the cue
      • For example, sending the message /cue/AB/go (with no arguments) will GO on any cue named “AB”, as if you had pressed the GO button
      • Wildcard patterns are supported, so /cue/index/{0,1,2}/go will GO on the first, second, and third cues simultaneously
  • Added network patch window
    • Allows configuration of the sending and receiving OSC connection
      • Can specify the host, port, and protocol (TCP or UDP)
    • Found under File>Network Patch…
  • Adjusted the color scheme to be a little bit darker
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed bugs relating to levels not being set correctly when changing the output device


  • Added pan laws to fade triggers, which allow you to control the algorithm that Q2Q uses to vary the amplitude throughout the fade/pan.
  • Added a button that lets you change the sound file on a start trigger.
  • Added a crossfade trigger, which allows you to bring one sound out and one in with one trigger. (Thanks DJMekanikal for the suggestion!)
  • Improved visual separation between tracks in the main grid.
  • Added a landing page.
  • Added an about page.
  • Improved audio engine performance.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed track levels being wrong when projects are first loaded.
    • Fixed an audio engine issue related to hot-swapping devices with different sample rates while audio is playing.
    • Made the audio engine fault-tolerant to buggy device drivers instead of getting in a broken state.
    • macOS - Fixed a few instances of audio glitching.
    • UI - Fixed audio clips being broken if you created a new project (without saving) and added audio.
    • UI - Fixed cue and track names displaying incorrectly in some situations.
    • UI - Fixed UI crashing due to audio device channel numbers changing.
    • UI - Fixed various issues that could cause orphaned playing sounds.
    • UI - Fixed trigger insertion being broken.
    • UI - Fixed things sometimes appearing on top of menu items.


  • Added macOS support


  • Added an app icon.
  • Added hotkeys for most menu items.
  • Added an infobox that displays information about when you hover over various parts of the application.
  • Made global keys not override textboxes anymore (e.g. spacebar for GO, escape for panic, and arrow keys for cue/track selection).
  • Fixed a bug where dragging start triggers would break them.


  • Add audio slicing, looping, and devamping functionality.
  • Add support for multiple triggers in a cue-track slot
  • Add ability to drag-n-drop triggers


Initial version