Q2Q Features & Pricing

Q2Q with limited functionality is free to download. A paid license unlocks all features. You can purchase a perpetual license for $399. A rent-to-buy license is coming soon (it will likely be $3/day, eventually converting to a perpetual license).

An educational discount of 50% is available for students and educators. Please contact support@goq2q.net if you would like one.

Download here: https://goq2q.net/download Buy here: https://goq2q.net/store

  Free Paid
“Play” trigger
“Stop” trigger
“Fade/Pan” trigger
“Crossfade” trigger
“Devamp” trigger
“OSC” trigger
Audio tracks
Auto cue naming
Cue sheet export
Command palette
Designer view
Operator view
Rearrangeable panels
Audio output * Limited to 2 channels Unlimited # of channels
Installations   3 machines

By downloading and using Q2Q, you agree to the End User License Agreement.