Launching Q2Q 1.0.0

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Lights… Places… GO Cue 1!

Announcing Q2Q Screenshot

We are beyond excited to announce the official launch of Q2Q™, a next generation sound cueing software for live performance for both macOS and Windows. As we state on our website, “Q2Q helps you build quality sound designs for live events in revolutionary new ways, with a more powerful and intuitive design…” but really this launch means so much more than that. For us, this represents a move in the theatre industry towards making art more accessible. This is the first major program available for both Mac and PC. Q2Q 1.0 is available now. With a purchase of Version 1, any future updates will be provided at no charge. In addition, subsequent versions will be available at a special “upgrade price” rate.

With the goal of availability in mind, we have priced this product with our users in mind. We offer a variety of discounts. The full Version 1 product is available for a $399 “buy it now” price. Coming soon, we will be implementing a “rent-to-own” price which includes a daily fee for the periods of time the product is being used. And all payments made while renting will count towards the full purchase price. Once that amount is reached, the product license will be owned in full by the user.

With this being the first official release of Q2Q, we wanted to provide as many resources as possible to help everyone. In order to help initial product users, we have created a user manual here. And for application uses, there are tutorials here. For other updates and to get more connected please follow our socials! We are Q2Q on Facebook, GoQ2Q on Instagram, Go_Q2Q on X (Formerly known as Twitter), for our blog, and for our website. If you want to see more from John Wostenberg, Q2Q founder, and his team at Wosterware, please follow along with our journey. These resources will be a guide for users as well as a window into the behind the scenes (literally) of the development and progress.

As a program and group that is still growing and learning in an industry that is forever evolving, we want to continue to improve and change as the artists who create change. With this focus, we encourage any and all feedback. Please provide feedback directly to our team at and on social media! We are dedicated to building a cross platform program that will not remain stagnant. Feedback from you, our users, is vital to ensure the continued evolution of this program. We are always open for notes.

Q2Q Logo

Thank you all for the support. We hope this program will allow for the creation of art that inspires.

- The Q2Q Team